Valdštejn Castle is located in the northeast of the Czech Republic, less than one hundred kilometres from Prague in the Bohemian Paradise. 

How to get there...

  • on foot from Turnov along the red or green marked trails (3 km from the Turnov – Město railway stop, 4 km from Turnov – the main square), from Sedmihorky along the blue or yellow marked trails (4 km), from Hrubá Skála along the red marked Bohemian Paradise Golden Trail (3 km), from Kacanovy along the blue marked trail around the Kopic Farm or along the yellow marked trail from the Králíček Hotel (2.5 km)
  • by bicycle along the red marked cycle trail from Turnov (4 km) or Hrubá Skála (3 km). From Sedmihorky along the white marked cycle trail (4 km)
  • use the ČD Turnov - Město train stop or the Karlovice – Sedmihorky train stop when coming by train
  • when arriving by car, we recommend that you turn off the no. 35 Class 1 road at the edge of Turnov when travelling in the direction of Jičín. The turnoff is equipped with a brown heritage road sign. Continue through Pelešany to the car park under the castle, from where you can walk to the castle along the green marked walking trail (700 m). You can also get to the castle along the comfortable forest cycle trail which is also easily traversed with prams (2,200 m)
  • in the summer season, tourist buses, which also transport bicycles, run throughout the Bohemian Paradise. The most advantageous stops for accessing the castle are at Mašová, Sedmihorky and Hrubá Skála (more at

The car park under Valdštejn

You can use the parking facility under Valdštejn to visit the castle and tour the entire rock town. The car park is owned by the Town of Turnov. The parking fees apply for the entire day.

Parking prices:

motorcycles: 20 CZK

passenger vehicles: 50 CZK

buses: 200 CZK

The car park operates from April to September every day during the castle’s opening hours.

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Hrad Valdštejn, 511 22 Turnov, Czech Republic
owner: the town of Turnov
phone: +420 739 014 104, +420 733 565 254