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A visit to Valdštejn Castle can be combined with a beautiful trip. It can be an all-day or half-day trip or just an hour’s walk into the nearby rock town. The marked trails can be combined in various ways according to how much time you have and how much walking you wish to do.

The best-known track is known as the Golden Trail. It is trail blazed with red symbols and it leads through the fields in front of the castle. In our section, it leads from Turnov to Hrubá Skála and Trosky, via Hlavatice and Valdštejn.

The Hlavatice cliff lookout is located 1.5 km from Valdštejn Castle with views of Turnov, Kozákov, Ještěd, Bezděz, Ralsko and the hills of the Central Czech Highlands.

The green marked trail leads directly from Valdštejn to Turnov, via the car park.

The yellow marked trail leads from Valdštejn (4 km) to Chlum Castle, also known as Kozlov.

Carved out rooms and storage areas have been preserved in the stone labyrinth. Attentive visitors may also spy the gallant medieval declaration “Na tom svietě žádná jina“(“No other woman in this world”). The area once served as a refuge for people in unsettled times.

This undemanding trail, which is also suitable for prams when you take a slight detour (don’t turn onto the narrow trail), will take you around the Lighthouse (Maják) and Devil’s Hand (Čertova ruka) rock formations to Sedmihorky (3 km).

The best-known walk down the Golden trail on the red marked track to Hrubá Skála leads along a forest ridge track. The following is a description of the track with all its turnoffs:

The turnoff onto the blue marked trail leading to John’s Lookout (Janova vyhlídka) and then to Sedmihorky (3 km) is located five hundred metres from the castle. This demanding trail leads directly through the centre of the Rock Town.

Eight hundred metres from the castle, the blue marked trail turns off to the Kopic Farm (Kopicův statek) (800 m). The significant folk architecture and the gallery of folk bas-reliefs in the rock are sure to enchant you.

Three hundred metres on (1200 m from the castle), the green marked track turns off the red track. The green track leads to the Věžický Fishpond (7 km) and to Kost Castle (13 km). After the change of track, you will come to a forest plateau with a small chapel and an ancient gamekeeper’s lodge, which are the only remnants of the former village of Radče.

The turnoff towards the wonderful “Little Lion” Lookout (U Lvíčka) is located one thousand, three hundred metres from the castle. You will see the rock town all around you with the interesting Dominstein rock formation directly in front of you.

Four hundred metres on (1,700 m from the castle), you will find the well-known lookout point "na Kapelu".

Two kilometres from the castle, you will come to the gamekeeper’s lodge and the “Na Bukovině” Arboretum which is mainly known for its groups of enormous North American fir trees.

Walk through the arboretum and you will soon come to Adam’s Bed (Adamova lože). We recommend that you spend a short while enjoying the area. Of course, it is also possible to turn off along the yellow marked trail (0.5 km) to the Marian Lookout (Mariánská vyhlídka). You can see the Hrubá Skála château and Trosky Castle in the background behind the nearby Dragon Cliffs (Dračí skály).

The yellow marked trail leads to the Symbolic Mountaineer’s Cemetery and on towards Sedmihorky.

The red marked trail will lead you around the protruding “Prachovny” rocky redoubts to the Hrubá Skála château (3,200 m from Valdštejn Castle).

The château is used as a hotel, but you can view both its courtyards, climb the château tower and visit St. Joseph’s Church.

It is possible to continue along the red marked trail up to Trosky Castle (9.5 km from Valdštejn)

The green marked trail, which leads from Hrubá Skála through the Mouse Hole (Myší díra) and the Château Ravine (Zámecká rokle) around the Dragon Cliffs (Dračí skaly) to Sedmihorky (1.5 km from Hrubá Skála), is also popular.

Whereas the Golden Trail offers visitors wonderful views of the rock town from above, all three trails (the blue marked trail via John’s Lookout, the yellow marked trail via the Marian Lookout and the green marked trail) pass directly through the Rock Town to the plain near Sedmihorky.

From there, you can return to the car park under Valdštejn Castle along the yellow marked trail and then along the small forest road.

The shortest walk to the rock town leads from Valdštejn to the charming John’s Lookout. It is possible to turn off the blue marked trail beneath the iron stairs and to take a short unmarked section of forest road which joins the yellow marked trail under the Lighthouse and the Devil’s Hands rock formations. Then follow the yellow marked trail and take the small forest track back to the car park as stated above.

We wish you many pleasant experiences.

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