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Visitors can walk around the castle’s exterior and visit the vaults, which contain an archaeology exhibition and the Praise of Sandstone display, and the Billiard Hall independently. The interiors of the Classicist Palace and the Romantic Palace are only accessible with a guide. Guide texts are available in several languages at the ticket office. It is also possible to order a foreign language guide.

The castle complex is located on several sandstone cliffs interconnected by bridges and it consists of a number of parts.

The front part of the castle is accessible to people in wheelchairs and there are social amenities which are suitable for invalids in the second courtyard. The flat sections in the environs of the Chapel of Saint John of Nepomuk are also suitable for wheelchair users. 

Dogs are allowed to enter the inner areas of the castle when on a lead.

Notice for visitors:

Please exercise increased care on the uneven surfaces, in the areas with reduced headroom or in any other areas which may present risks corresponding to the historical nature of the building.

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