The castle’s medieval vaults

Expozice Chvála pískovce

The first permanent exhibition in Bohemia dedicated to sandstone is has been installed in the area of Valdštejn castle’s medieval vaults.

The exhibition acquaints visitors with this significant phenomenon of the landscape in the Bohemian Paradise, the establishment of the sandstone rock towns and the creation and properties of the sandstone and it sets out the importance of sandstone for us humans. The exhibition also recalls the work of the sculptor Jiří Novák, the author of the copies of the Valdštejn statues.

The second exhibition installed in the vaults acquaints visitors with the archaeological digs and the history of the castle.

Valdštejn Castle was the second monument in Bohemia to be opened to the public. It is located in the Hrubá Skála rock town on the Bohemian Paradise’s Golden Trail and it stands on massive sandstone massifs. The walking tracks were established in the Hrubá Skála area as early as in the first third of the 19th century.

The exhibitions have been prepared by:

  • Geopark UNESCO, the Bohemian Paradise: Dr. Tomáš Řídkošil, Dr.Václav Ziegler CSc. and Jiří Vlasák
  • The Geological Institute at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic: Jiří Adamovič CSc., Dr. Radek Mikuláš CSc., Dr. Václav Cílek CSc
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